Aligning The Vision and Partnering For Rapid Growth Across Markets

White Pine sources investment opportunities in high growth sectors across the region and targets companies ready to pursue an accelerated trajectory

Our Investment Focus



Our regional focus encompasses Ontario with an emphasis on Southwestern Ontario. We selectively consider investment proposals from elsewhere in the region as well as in rest of Canada.



Our investments have spanned a variety of industries and we have developed specialised expertise in consumer, retail, food and beverage, transportation and logistics, healthcare services, entertainment and media, financial services, software and business services.



Our investment preference is for companies that have an enterprise value or net sales of USD 50 million to USD 350 million. Our capabilities extend to transactions that exceed this, which we consider on a case-by-case basis.


Transaction Type

We remain focused on control-oriented transactions, control buyouts, growth capital and public-to-private transactions, and we welcome management buyout and buy-in proposals.



To enhance the value of businesses post-investment, we partner with strong management teams. To promote the alignment of interests, we strongly encourage management to have an ownership stake in our portfolio companies.


Track Record

We invest in businesses with established track records of financial success, consistent earning power and demonstrated ability to generate cash flow.

Adding Value To The Next Chapter

Value is at the heart of everything we do.

To achieve superior returns, it is essential we create significant, sustainable post-investment value for our portfolio companies.

With every investment, we become active participants. We harness our experience and relationships to drive businesses further.

On top it all, close working relationships are critical. We collaborate with management teams to strengthen and improve working dynamics, operations, finances and market positions. We support management teams with:

Setting New Strategic Direction

We take an in-depth look at the existing business model to see where it would benefit from disruption. We spearhead digital transformation across the business and organization to align with industry-leading best practices, and build sustainable competitive advantages and lasting value for businesses.

Corporate Finance Expertise

By strengthening and restructuring balance sheets, we enhance portfolio companies’ financial positions and improve cost of capital. We leverage our corporate finance expertise and networks to optimise debt financing, and execute public and private bond issuances, initial public offerings (“IPO”) or sale of equity stakes through public markets.

Strategic expansions, acquisitions and new business development

We are entrepreneurs at heart with an eye for opportunities. From developing new products, entering new markets, to executing bolt-on acquisitions we strive for value creation. We share referrals of businesses across our portfolio and leverage our influential networks international businesses to generate sales.

Operational improvements

Partnering with management, we work to improve key operational processes such as sales-force effectiveness, branding and marketing, research and development (R&D), production efficiency and supply-chain management.

Strengthening corporate governance and financial reporting

We apply international corporate governance best practices across the board and management. To ensure clear responsibilities and promote accountability, we introduce regular management reports with clear KPIs, formalise annual budgets and streamline decision-making across the business.

Deepening the management bench

We identify gaps in the management team, then pursue and effect management upgrades and enhancements to create professionally managed and cohesive organisations. To encourage a culture of ownership and accountability, we promote co-ownership schemes.

Integrating Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practices

The businesses of tomorrow have ESG considerations at their core. We work to integrate ESG best practices into decision-making and to gain the support and trust of stakeholders and communities.

Proactive risk management

We identify key risks within existing business operations, and implement forward-looking risk analysis and, where appropriate, mitigation measures. These include hedging for currency and commodity risks, and identifying alternative supplies for critical components.